EAN code8595568930811
Gewichtung0.94 kg/pcs
Selbstlöschend30 sec.
Nennspanung400 V
Nennstrom16 A
Temperaturbeständigkeit-25 - 60 °C
Flammwidrigkeit850 °C
Before installing, it is necessary to cut the carrier including the enclosed insulation to the required length according to the thickness of the insulating layer.
Breite238 mm
Höhe238 mm
Tiefe317,5 mm
BrandklasseA1 - F
individual mounting desk are packed in separate cardboards

For the installation of electrical devices (outdoor lights, motion sensors, 400 V sockets, etc.) on thermally insulated buildings facades with a thickness from 50 to 300 mm. Eliminates thermal bridging. Load of 40 N at a distance of 180 mm from the wall. Possibility to create areas of any size when using multiple mounting plates. The package includes quality wall plugs and screws for mounting. Screws with a diameter of 4 to 5 mm are suitable for the mounting desk. Robust construction.

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