EAN code8595057615908
Gewichtung0.36 kg/m
Bleifreies Materialyes
Selbstlöschend30 sec.
Temperaturbeständigkeit-5 - 60 °C
Flammwidrigkeit850 °C
Stoßfestigkeit0,5 J
Breite63 mm
Höhe24,5 mm
Länge2,6 m
Innenfläche560 mm2
The trunkings are available in lengths with a tolerance of ± 0.5% at 20 ° C.
BrandklasseA1 - F
SchutzartIP 30
Der Norm entsprechendČSN EN 50 085-1
Verpackungsbescheibungpackage - foil

Designed for installation in the corner between the floor and wall of the room as well as between two walls, or wall and ceiling. Length adjusted to standard room height.

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